To create and decide on decisions as a team, the members of the Eritrean American Community Association of GA voted on 15 volunteer board members to guide and help ensure that the community is following its guidelines aligned with its mission and vision to the betterment of the lives of Eritreans in Georgia.


Board members are not responsible for changing the guidelines of the community, but guiding the community to reach its fullest potential.


The board members are comprised of hardworking, visionary individuals with a heart for service for the Eritrean-American community as a whole.

Executive Board Members

Fesehaye - Chairperson


Tesfaledet has lived in metro Atlanta for 19 years and has been a member of the Eritrean American community of Georgia since 2013. He believes in bringing Eritreans together regardless of their religious or political beliefs in order to bring the brotherhood together for a common good.



Yonas Abraha is a native of Eritrea and has lived in Atlanta, Georgia since 1991. Since 2006, Yonas has been a Small Business owner in addition to community organizer for Eritreans residing in Georgia. His community organizer duties include outreach programs, community services and local community conflict resolution and Missions Council at Mckendree UMC in Suwannee.  His bi-cultural background and focus on community collaboration has led him to a number of volunteer opportunities and community leadership roles including serving as the Public Relation Officer for the Eritrean American Community Association of Georgia.  Yonas received his Bachelor of Arts in International Economic Affairs and Political Science and Masters in Small town and Rural Planning at West Georgia University.


This is Hana’s second term as an executive board member for the Eritrean American Community Association of GA. She has lived in GA for 34 years. As a former business owner for the past 13 years, she uses her social skills to coordinate projects as head of the Social and Cultural Affairs Officer for the community.



Board Members



Born and raised here in Atlanta, GA, Winta has over 10 years of experience in volunteering for the Eritrean-American Community Association of GA. With a background in business and education, Winta brings a wealth of experience to several community projects throughout the year.




Segen has been involved with the Eritrean American Community Association of Georgia since 2012 as a volunteer in the Tutoring Program and various community events. Segen has been a board member since January 2017 and coordinates the Civic Engagement Program along with educational workshops throughout the year. Segen is a licensed Master Social Worker and serves children and families in the Atlanta area.