Community Day

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What is Community Day?

For those who are wondering or who don’t know, this is a day to celebrate what we at the Eritrean-American community have accomplished over the past few years. While we have come a long way, there is still much left to achieve. Community day is not only a day for us reflect on the past, but to look towards the future. We have a vision, and in that vision, there are still goals we hope to reach. We want to share that vision with the rest of the community. So whether you a member or not, we want you to join us April 29th for what we plan to be an amazing night full of music, entertainment, and comedy!


Ledet Restaurant

Piasa Restaurant

BunnAmour Bar & Lounge

Prima Restaurant

Yeshi Food Mart

Eyerus Food Mart

Dalmar International

Fifi Package

Desta Restaurant

Fifi Tax Service

Dawit Financial and Insurance
Eden Fesehazion Attorny office