A safe space for Eritreans in Georgia

Let's come together as one Eritrean community. We are Eritreans for all Eritreans of Georgia, bringing together a community of care and belonging.
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Keeping the Eritrean spirit alive

Join a community that fosters the Eritrean spirit of belonging, culture, and support

Empowering the Eritrean spirit in many ways

Facilitate cultural events

We host a variety of cultural and recreational activities that strengthen our Eritrean roots for kids and adults of all ages

Educating our youth for a more industrious, career-driven future generation of our community

We invest in the youth of our community. Through college scholarships for students, and our unique Ahwat program that teaches young people academic skills, life lessons, and bringing in guest speakers, we are here to support the future generations of our Eritrean community

Uplifting members through various social support services

We offer housing and rental assistance, case management for refugees, translator services, domestic violence support, and legal and immigration services through our partners